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Decolonizing Natural Histories: Critical and Practical Perspectives in Museum Contexts

15.03.2023 bis 17.03.2023 Add to calendar

While decolonization has been the subject of much recent discussion in both ethnological and archaeological collections, it has largely been absent from natural history contexts. In addressing this topic in a natural history museum, this three-day conference will examine the circumstances under which non-European collections have found their way into European natural history museums and develop practical tools for both collections management and public mediation that represent and include the participation of a diversity of voices and experiences.

Specifically, speakers from different Latin American and European countries will develop a critical reflection on decolonial thought and practices, cluding the identification of key issues and practices in a natural history context. Participatory workshops and other activities will also aim to create a space for meaningful exchange among participants to lay the groundwork for future collaborations and to develop practical toolkits for natural history museums and museum professionals interested in engaging in decolonial practices.

The program is attached below.

Tomás Bartoletti, Denise Bertschi, ETH Zurich, MHNN, OCIM


Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Neuchâtel
Rue des Terreaux 14


Laure Nador
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