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The Permanent Tax Revolt. Historical and Sociological Perspectives on Fiscal Development and Inequality

5. Septembre 2019 - 17:30 - 20:00 Add to calendar

Meet the Author and PhD Workshop with Professor Isaac William Martin, University of California San Diego

PhD students interested to participate to this workshop should contact Prof. Matthieu Leimgruber, University of Zurich (matthieu.leimgruber@uzh.ch) by June 15.

More details about the meeting as well as the discussed readings will be sent to the participants in early July.

This workshop will be followed on Friday 6th September by the daylong annual conference of the
SGWSG/SSHES which you are also most welcome to attend. For the program, see www.hist-ecosoc.ch.

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Swiss Society for Economic and Social History

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University of Bern Unitobler
Länggassstrasse 49, Gebäude/Bâtiment F


Matthieu Leimgruber

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