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CfP: 3rd National Conference of the Italian Association of Public History

31. Gennaio 2019 Add to calendar
Call for papers

The Italian Association of Public History (AIPH) announces the 3rd National Public History Conference at the Department of Letters and Cultural Heritage, University of Campania Vanvitelli (Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Caserta) from the 24th to the 28th of June 2019.

The AIPH Conference in Capua will engage with a variety of Italian public history experiences. This is the reason why the Association choose to indicate a set of fields for submitting proposals. The conference will examine ways in which history is present in society today, from universities to public places, in schools and learning institutions, in high and in popular culture and, finally, in the daily life of our communities. The invitation to participate aims at those who work in the public history sphere and with various professions aiming at the production of historical and educational content. Proposals are invited for many fields:
Memory, Media & Production of Historical Contents, Professions, Territories.

During the 3rd AIPH National Conference, June 2019, special attention will be given to the following seven specific themes:
- Abuse of history: the neo-Bourbon counter-history
- The promotion of historical and archaeological heritage
- Historical landscapes as cultural heritage
- Oral history in public history projects
- The role of ancient history in Public History
- Teaching history in schools and universities
- Identity, xenophobia, racism

Read the full call for papers online.

How to apply

1. Individual papers, which will be integrated into panels by the Scientific Committee. Each proposal must contain a summary in Italian and English (ca. 2000 characters each) and a short C.V. with address and email of the proponent.

2. Panels with 3 or 4 participants with a coordinator among them (or in addition). Each proposal must contain an abstract (ca. 1500-2000 characters) in Italian and English, which describes the general theme of the panel and an abstract of each single paper in the panel in both languages (about 1500-2000 characters). The C.V. of each panel participant and the address and email of the coordinator and of all panellists must be included. Panels with speakers from the same institution are not recommended. Comparison of experiences and diversified geographical and professional origins will constitute positive elements for the evaluation. The expected duration for each panel is 90 minutes. At least 20 minutes are dedicated to discussion with the public.

Proposals must be received by 31 January 2019 at the address of the secretariat of the Association:

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Italian Organisation of Public History


University of Campania
Santa Maria Capua Vetere
Santa Maria Capua Vetere


Italian Organisation of Public History

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