Symposium: The Science of Systems and Life: Alternative Philosophies, new Mathematics

26.10.2018 - 10:50 Add to calendar

We are a group of mathematicians who denounce a mathematization of the world oriented towards purely quantitative analyses and reductionism, rather than invention and construction of understanding. The prevailing use of mathematics as a search for “optimal paths” in economy, biology and general human activities supposes a pre-given universe of possibilities and is suitable for control more than for knowledge construction and a common action. Sometimes, researchers even claim that “computer programs” run organisms’ development and animal or human behavior.
We are instead interested in the historical emergence of meaning in changing spaces of possibilities as well as in the production of sense in science and in the personal activity of the researcher. Our current work focuses on historicity, organicity and contextuality of life; on the role of interpretation and meaning in the process of vision; on the importance of interpretation in the applications of mathematics and of a committed analysis of future projections in areas such as finance and ecology.

Symposium with Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Longo (Paris, Boston), Dr. Maël Montévil (Paris), and Prof. Dr. Alessandro Sarti (Paris)

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organized by Prof. Dr. Roy Wagner and PD Dr. Norman Siekora.
ETH Zurich
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