Connecting Mediterranean and Atlantic Studies

08.11.2018 to 09.11.2018 Add to calendar

2nd meeting of the Atlantic Italies Network

Entanglements linking agents, states and markets of Italian-speaking territories to the Atlantic world cannot be reduced – as they often are – to the ‘heroic’ deeds of ‘Italian’ navigators such as Columbus or to the well-studied mass migrations of the late nineteenth / early twentieth century. Despite the fact that no early modern Italian state ever possessed colonies in the Americas or in West Africa, from the late fifteenth to the early nineteenth century a variety of significant relations developed between these regions. Challenging the established vision of Italian history and its traditional focus on internal, European and Mediterranean contexts, the Atlantic Italies Network joins recent attempts to re-read the history of the peninsula in its global dimensions. It advocates for a trans-imperial approach to the Atlantic world and aims at bridging two fields of scholarship which have largely evolved along separate lines: Atlantic history and Mediterranean history. In order to achieve this goal, it focusses on economic dynamics and related cultural phenomena, examining the circulation of goods and knowledge as well as specific brokers involved in Italian-Atlantic connections.

Organised by: 
Prof. Dr. Silvia Marzagalli (Nizza) und Prof. Dr. Roberto Zaugg (Bern)
Roberto Zaugg (Universität Bern)
MSHS du Sud-Est – amphithéâtre 031
25, avenue François Mitterrand
Outside of Switzerland
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