CfP: Geneva, a platform of 20 th century educational internationalism

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Geneva, a platform of 20 th century educational internationalism
International conference organized by the Archives Institut Rousseau and ÉRHISE (Research

Team of Social History of Education), University of Geneva
Geneva, 14-15 September 2017

University of Geneva | Uni-Mail

This conference will aim to identify and question this specificity of Geneva, leading to a reflection on the conditions of its integration as part of an Itinary of European educators (to be developped later in collaboration with local tourism boards and partners). The attraction of Geneva, especially during the interwar period, will be discussed, positioning the city in relation to other epicenters, which connect individual and collective actors, as parts and parcels of an educational internationalism. The trajectories and ideas of these educational actors will be studied, in order to identify the impacts of these interconnections on the evolution of an individual educator, a group, a thought, or a specific educational practice.
Paper proposals will focus on people, sites or significant themes related to the general theme of Geneva, as a platform of education internationalism in the 20 th century. The challenge is to identify any actor, place, movement, association, or cause that was part of educational reform with a distinct universalist dimension. Through various examples and archives, the papers will show how these elements of Geneva cultural heritage may be used in order to weigh the role of this city in the history of pedagogical invention and in the gradual construction of a “Europe des pédagogues”.

Those interested in presenting a paper as part of this international conference are invited to write an abstract in English or French, including a research issue and related questions (ca. 300 words), mentioning function, institutional affiliation, complete address.

To be sent before 15 November 2016
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Equipe de recherche en histoire sociale de l'education/AIJJR FPSE Unige
Frédéric Mole
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022 379 91 17
Unimail, université de geneve
40 boulevard du pont d'arve
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