Cfp: Christianity and the Digital Humanities

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Christianity and the Digital Humanities
De Gruyter book series: Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion

Editors: Tim Hutchings and Claire Clivaz

The Digital Humanities is a well-established, fast-growing, multidisciplinary field producing computational applications and analytical models that enable new kinds of research in both the humanities and computer sciences. Scholars of Christianity were among the first pioneers in the application of computer analysis to humanities projects, and we aim to celebrate and continue that legacy. This volume will share the most exciting current projects and initiatives from around the world, encourage new innovations in analysis, communication and pedagogy, and inspire wider engagement with the possibilities of digital humanities research.

Each volume in the IDH:R book series will be a short introduction to the intersections of digital humanities and a particular religious topic, tradition or cluster of traditions. Volumes will report on the emerging frontiers of digital humanities research, including current methodologies, techniques, tools, and projects as well as defining challenges and opportunities for future work. Each volume will also serve as an overview and introduction to the digital humanities and religion, suitable for those unfamiliar with the field.

Christianity and the Digital Humanities will seek to explore the many ways in which digital media and the humanistic study of Christianity present, explain, and challenge each other. We therefore welcome proposals for chapters from the widest possible range of approaches. Chapters may include:

- introductions to key DH debates as they impact the study of Christianity
- case studies of new and recent DH projects
- surveys of tools and methodologies for DH research
- studies of Christian use of digital media informed by a humanities
perspective, including but not limited to online rhetoric, electronic literature
and digital theology
- computer design and HCI projects intended for Christian users
- advances in the use of digital media for pedagogy, public impact and
communication of research in the study of Christianity

We are keen to include projects representing different Christian traditions, geographical regions and time periods, from biblical studies and Christian origins to the present day.

We invite scholars interested in any aspect of Christianity and the digital humanities to submit an abstract for consideration. Abstracts should be around 500 words in length. Each chapter of the finished book will be between 6000-7000 words in length, and a limited number of black and white illustrations can be included. The deadline for abstracts will be April 15th, 2017.

After reviewing abstracts, we will assemble a formal volume proposal to the series editors. We anticipate setting an initial deadline for completion of draft chapters in December 2017.

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