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Early Modern Swedish Exercises from Finland on Ad fontes

New Transcription Exercises from Finland!

Three new transcription exercises from early modern Finland have been added to Ad fontes. They deal with a bailiff’s account from Lappee, dating from 1545, court records from the Pielsjärvi and Liperi winter session on 20-23 February 1685, and a letter to Turku-based sea captain Petter Claesson, sent on 17 June 1776.

All transcriptions are in (Early Modern) Swedish, while explanations and further information are kept in English. The newly created Ad fontes-Profile «Finland» allows to only display the pages relevant to this exercise while hiding all others, for easier navigation.

The new module has been created in cooperation with Prof. Kimmo Katajala, University of Eastern Finland. Documents and images provided by the National Archives of Finland.

Bailiff's account from Lappee
First page of one of the earliest bailiffs' accounts in Finland.
Bailiwicks of Karelia, accounts of Vyborg province, 1542.