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51. Basler Renaissancekolloquium: "Dark Renaissance"

02.12.2022 - 14:15 to 18:15 Add to calendar

The 51st Basel Renaissance Colloquium will seek to discuss the Renaissance as a period of disruption and upheaval, inquiring into shifting political cultures in the face of technological change, evolving forms of (state) violence, and pandemic threats.
3 Referent:innen:
Marta Celati (Pisa): Conspiracy and Political Conflict in Italian Renaissance Literature: Rebellion, Obedience, and a New Model of the State
Scott Nethersole (London): The Representation of War in Renaissance Florence
Samuel Cohn (Glasgow): The Dark Side of the Black Death Silver Lining in Early Renaissance Italy

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Departement Geschichte und Kunsthistorisches Seminar der Universität Basel


Departement Geschichte der Universität Basel
Hirschgässlein 21


Rodica Schmidinger
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+41 61 207 4666
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