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#DHCH 13

On this page you can find the documentation relating to the Digital Humanities Summer School Switzerland 2013. See also our Summer School Website.

Plenary Lectures:

Prof. Ray Siemens - Opening Lecture
Video / Notes

Prof. Susan Schreibman - History and future of DH
Slidecast / Notes

Prof. Elena Pierazzo - Digital Textual Editing
Video / Notes

Prof. Ray Siemens - Social Knowledge Construction and Creation in Literary Studies Environments
Video / Notes

Prof. David Berry - Digital Humanities and Cultural Criticism
Video / Notes

Prof. Claire Lemercier - Quantitative methodology & Network analysis
Video / Notes

Prof. Frédéric Kaplan - How to build a Time Machine
Video / Notes

Collaborative notes:
During the Digital Humanities Summer School Switzerland, the participants collaboratively drafted notes during the lectures and the workshops sessions, using a collaborative writing tool, called Framapad. You can access to them on the Summer School Website via the Menu Bar bith in HTML and PDF formats.

Participants Reports:

Digital Humanities Summer School in Switzerland: A Personal View - Dr. Sc. Marijana Hameršak, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, Croatia.

Digital Humanities Summer School Bern, 1st edition - Peter Dängeli, University of Köln, Germany.

Digital Textual Editing (Course by Elena Pierazzo) - Anna Cappellotto, Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia.

Research libraries and the digital humanities - Philippa Currie,British School at Athens, Greece.

From transparencies to etherpad: teaching (and) DH - Kaisa Kulasalu, Estonian Folklore Archive, Estonia.

Digital Textual Editing (Course by E. Pierazzo) II - Elisa Nury, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Born Digital Sources (Workshop by P. Föhr) - Federico Nanni, University of Bologna, Italy.

Collaborative Work Practices and DH Teams - Gurpreet Singh, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, India.


Pictures of the Plenary Lectures

Pictures of the Workshop and Unconference Sessions

Pictures of the Participants Slam Session

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