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Edition projects

This database lists ongoing historical sources editions in Switzerland. It is the result of a survey carried out in the three official languages in 2014, and updated in 2019, in partnership with the Abteilung Grundlagenerschliessung of the Swiss Historical Society. The institutions contacted included archives and libraries, Swiss university institutes in the disciplines of history, legal history, German literature, Roman literature and medieval Latin, as well as other local and regional history associations, publishers and individuals. If you wish to further complete an entry, please contact us. The data will be regularly updated.

Institution Title Temporal classification
Institut d'histoire de la Réformation Calvins Psychopannychia 1534 to 1545
Herausgeber- und Verlagsgemeinschaft Chartularium Sangallense (Historischer Verein des Kantons St. Gallen) (Band 1) Stiftsarchiv St.Gallen (Band 2) Chartularium Sangallense I-II 0700 to 0999
Société de l'Histoire de France Correspondance du cardinal Jean Du Bellay 1527 to 1560
Departement für Christkatholische Theologie an der Universität Bern Die Korrespondenz zwischen Eduard Herzog (1841-1924) und Joseph Hubert Reinkens (1821-1896) 1876 to 1896
Institut d'histoire de la Réformation Die Prologe zum Sentenzenwerk von John Mair 1509 to 1530
SISMEL- Micrologus'Library (Florence) Edition critique et traduction d’un traité anonyme contre les sorciers (c.1430-1440): La Vauderye de Lyonois 1430 to 1480
Institut für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte Heinrich Bullinger-Briefwechseledition 1524 to 1575
Archivio di Stato del Canton Ticino; Universität Zürich, Centro di ricerca per la storia e l'onomastica ticinese (fino al 1996) Materiali e documenti ticinesi 0935 to 1500
Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv Quellenedition 1928-1950 1928 to 1950