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5 PhD Fellowships

Call for Applications for 5 PhD Fellowships in the fields of history, art history, musicology, philosophy, German literature, architectural history, English, media studies, and Egyptology.

The eikones Graduate School at the Center for the Theory and History of the Image at the University of Basel invites applications for six doctoral fellowships on the theory and history of the image for three years beginning 1 September 2019.

Since 2005, eikones has served as a center for research on images from systematic and historical perspectives. The international and interdisciplinary center investigates the meanings, functions and effects of images in cultures since Antiquity and in our contemporary society. It aims at foundational image theory and at a historical investigation of images as instruments of human knowledge and cultural practices.

The eikones graduate school offers excellent students of the humanities who would like to pursue a doctorate in the history and theory of the image a structured program of graduate study distinguished by dedicated advising, an internationality, interdisciplinary, regular dialogue with guest scholars, and professional opportunities. The goal of the doctoral program is the successful completion of the degree within the duration of the fellowship.

Application prerequisites:
- Masters or equivalent qualification in a relevant field of study, in particular history, art history, musicology, philosophy, German literature, architecture, English, media studies, or Egyptology.
- Doctoral students must be advised by a faculty member of the eikones graduate school. Doctorate students must also be enrolled in the University of Basel for the duration of the program.
- Applicants must possess a MA degree or equivalent by 1 September 2019. The MA degree must have been completed in the previous two years. Exceptions may be possible in extraordinary circumstances.
Prerequisites for admission:
- The dissertation must be advised by a member of the faculty of the eikones Graduate School. All recipients of the grant must be enrolled as doctorate students at the University of Basel for the duration of their doctoral study.

Application Materials
1. Cover Letter
2. CV
3. Copies of Degree Certificates
4. Contact details for two references
5. Project outline (at most 10 pages) and bibliography
6. Work schedule for 3 years (at most 2 pages)
7. Writing sample (at most 20 pages)

Inquiries and the application—to be submitted as a single pdf—by May 6, 2019 to

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Interviews will be held in Basel on Monday, June 3, 2019. Please keep this date available in case of an invitation.


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6. May 2019