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3 Research Fellows

The European University Institute has a vacancy for 3 Research Fellows in the Department of History and Civilization.

Length of contract and % of full-time
Starting on 01 October 2020 for 12 months (renewable for a maximum of 36 months, start date negotiable)
Part/full-time negotiable (minimum 50%)

Salary indication
The basic net monthly salary after taxes is approx. 3.200 €/month (for a full-time employment and assuming Italy as place of work) + allowances, if applicable.
More information about conditions of employment is available here.

Director of project
Prof. Glenda Sluga

Title of project
Twentieth-Century International Economic Thinking, and the Complex History of Globalization (ECOINT)

Job description
The ECOINT ERC project will start in October 2020 and will run for 60 months. It will advance an innovative approach to the study of the struggles over economic ideas that have fashioned the paths to globalization. It will focus on ‘international economic thinking’ generated in and through institutional sites distinctive to the 20th century: intergovernmental organisations and associated international non- governmental organisations. Its main research questions are: Where do we find international globalization thinking? Who were international economic thinkers? How did they shape the course of globalization? What does it mean that many of them were women? What does this history tell us about the paths taken or missed by globalization?

Depending on their regional and conceptual expertise, they will have the opportunity to research (for example) any of the relatively unstudied UN Regional Economic Commissions for Europe, Asia and the Far East (later Pacific), Latin America, and Africa; or the role of economic experts and businesswomen at the IFBPW and ICC. In general, research on distinctive regions and international organizations will be shared and discussed by the research team for mutual exchange, enabling us to build a more comprehensive empirical understanding of men’s, women’s, ‘expert’ and business economic thinking and a global picture of international economic thinking, working towards shared as well as individual publications.

In the context of the ECOINT project, the Research Fellows will carry out the following tasks:
- Research, write and publish independently on their selected topic area.
- Work as part of a team on a co-authored volume, and co- authored articles.
- Contribute to expanding public debate on international and economic history, and contemporary challenges through outreach program of workshops, public panels, podcasts.
- Take the opportunity to co-teach relevant subject areas with doctoral students.
- Take initiatives for the organization of relevant workshops and seminars.

Place of work
Florence, Italy

The candidate should be recently finished with - or near the end of - his/her PhD (preferably with an agreed defence date) on a related area of history with a focus on economic, intellectual, gender, and/or international history.
The candidate should have familiarity with the literature on international organizations, economic history, and including knowledge of relevant literature in women’s history and international history.
The candidate should also have familiarity working with international, state, and private archives and be able to substantively engage with non- Anglophone sources, as relevant to the agreed research area. Requirements:
- PhD degree, preferably in the history of international organizations, economic history, global intellectual history (recently awarded or close to completion);
- One or more relevant publications (journal articles, book chapters);
- Broad familiarity with the field of the new international history;
- Excellent writing skills;
- Proven ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
- Proven ability to work in an international and highly competitive

- Fluency in written English;
- Fluency or excellent skills in French, German, Spanish, Italian or
relevant language depending on agreed research topic.

Contact details
For more information contact

The closing date for applications is: 5th of July 2020 at midnight (CET)

How to apply
Fill in the online application form and upload documents as follows:
1. Full CV in English (5 pages max)
2. Short CV in English (2 pages max)
3. Cover letter in English (3 pages max)


European University institute
Employment percentage: 
min. 50%
Place of work: 
Florence, Italy
Application deadline: 
5. July 2020