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Making sense of violence? Interdisciplinary approaches to interpersonal violence: past and present

10. Oktober 2010 Add to calendar
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Can we make sense of interpersonal violence? Seemingly rooted in multiple causes, spurred by an array of different motives and finding expression in myriad settings and forms, interpersonal violence has provoked considerable and, at times, intense debate over the last number of decades. This conference will explore, through a variety of different approaches, the extent, nature and characteristics of interpersonal violence in both historical and contemporary settings. Different theoretical approaches and assumptions underlying the study of interpersonal violence will also be examined.

The contributors are expected to reflect upon and seek to make sense of interpersonal violence through specific studies of the function, meaning and place of violence in particular contexts. Investigations of the relationship between violence and other social and cultural phenomena as well as reflections on theory and methods of understanding and conceptualising the role of interper-sonal violence in the past and the present are particularly encouraged.

Conference languages: English, German and French

Organisiert von: 
Prof. Dr. Joachim Eibach, Histor. Institut, Univ. Bern; Dr. Richard Mc Mahon, Dep. of History, NUI Maynooth Bern


Histor. Institut Universität Bern
Länggassstr. 49
Bern 9


Joachim Eibach

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