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History of ITU Portal

The History of ITU Portal provides access to International Telecommunications Union (ITU)'s history with facts, figures, lists, dates, and a growing selection of digitized documents.​​​

arCHeco - Register of economic fonds preserved in archives of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

arCHeco gives an overview of historical business records preserved in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and offers an online directory of archival fonds of the private economy mostly held by public repositories. Further archival fonds of private enterprises, associations and state-run organisations are continuously added.

arCHeco can be searched by full text search, by browsing the list of all archival fonds or by browsing the list of all archival institutions.

arCHeco is a joint-project of the business archivists group of the Association of Swiss Archivists (VSA) and the Swiss Economic Archives (SWA).

Historical Archives of the (Swiss) PTT - Database scopeArchiv

Les documents des Archives des PTT figurent dans la banque de données accessible en ligne. La base permet de naviguer dans le plan de classement ou d'effectuer une recherche plein texte, une recherche dans un champ ou une recherche de descripteurs.
The documents of the historical Archives of the PTT are included in the database available online. The base is used to navigate in the classification plan or to search with a full text search tool, a search field tool or descriptors search tool.

Centre Müller Bienne - Museum of Machinery


The machinery museum presents reconstructed workshops from the early 20th century, displaying over 150 machines built between 1880 and 1940.

Patek Philippe Museum


The museum shows two important collections concerning the history of watches and of the watchmaking:
• The Antiques Collection: collection of Genevan, Swiss and European watches and enamels dating from the 16th to the early 19th century.
• The Patek Philippe Collection: watches designed and created by Patek Philippe since its foundation in 1839 up to the present day.

The museum also houses a library featuring more than 7,000 works on watchmaking and related subject-matter.

Watch Museum of Le Locle


The museum shows temporary and permanent exhibitions:
• Times of Time: comprehension and measurement of time
• Times of the Watch: technical evolution of watches from the Renaissance to our day
• Maurice Yves Sandoz: watches, jewelry, automatons and literary works of Sandoz
• Henri Jeanmaire: clocks and pieces of furniture
• Frédéric Savoye: Swiss and French clocks
• Alfred Huguenin: Neuchâtel clocks

World Trade Organization - Library and Archives


The Library of the World Trade Organization specializes in economics, statistical and legal materials related to international trade. The Library holds monographs, periodicals, and current yearbooks. In addition, the Library is home to the GATT Archives.

CERN Archive - Database and digitized documents

The database of the CERN archive facilitates on-line searches in the collections of the historical and scientific archive.

Digitized versions are available online for many items in the Wolfgang Pauli Archive, as well as for some of the documents in the main CERN Archive, such as the documents of the Council and Committee of Council or of the Scientific Policy Committee.

CERN Archive


The CERN Archive is a repository for records about all aspects of CERN's history, from 1954 until the present day.

The CERN Archive guide presents an overview of all the collections in the CERN Archive:

Archive of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)


The record groups consist largely of various types of correspondence, internal communication and reports. Important collections include files on:


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