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Urkunden und Akten des Klosters und des Oberamts Königsfelden (1308-1662)

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Historisches Seminar der Universität Zürich
Staatsarchiv des Kantons Aargau

Ballenberg - Swiss Open-Air Museum


The Swiss Opem-Air Museum Ballenberg presents typical Buildings homes and hamlets from virtually every part of Switzerland with authentic kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms from centuries past. About 100 rural houses and farm buildings provide architectural as well as socio-historical testimony to the everyday life and rural culture of the past. The farmsteads and houses are surrounded by gardens and fields set up according to historical models.

Fondation Toms Pauli


The Fondation Toms Pauli has as its mission the study, conservation and promotion of collections of textile art, both antique and modern, belonging to the State of Vaud.

The Foundation does not have yet any permanent display space. Nevertheless, it organises exhibitions in Swiss and foreign museums and publishes catalogues. The collections can be viewed during temporary exhibitions.

Centre Müller Bienne - Museum of Machinery


The machinery museum presents reconstructed workshops from the early 20th century, displaying over 150 machines built between 1880 and 1940.

Patek Philippe Museum


The museum shows two important collections concerning the history of watches and of the watchmaking:
• The Antiques Collection: collection of Genevan, Swiss and European watches and enamels dating from the 16th to the early 19th century.
• The Patek Philippe Collection: watches designed and created by Patek Philippe since its foundation in 1839 up to the present day.

The museum also houses a library featuring more than 7,000 works on watchmaking and related subject-matter.

Kellenberger Clock and Watch Collection


Divided into sections according to themes, and equipped with explanatory texts on the history of timekeeping, the exhibition invites to participate in a voyage through time. This journey leads past early instruments of astronomical observation, to sundials and sand glasses, mechanical clocks, sumptuous artistic clocks and rocket watches and on to electrical timekeepers.

Museum of Applied Arts and Design Winterthur


The special exhibitions deal with the intersection of art, crafts, design and industrial production. The Museum features all facets of design from artistic objects to everyday utensils, gives insight into the history and theory of objects and materials, and it introduces to new and traditional technologies of design and graphic production.

Abegg Foundation


The Abegg Foundation collects and undertakes research into historic textiles from the early days to around 1800, primarily regarding pieces from the European and Mediterranean areas. The textile wall hangings of late antiquity, pieces from the European Middle Ages and the testimonies of the Silk Road from the early Middle Ages are of major international importance.

Every Year the Museum organises a special exhibition about the textile art.

Watch Museum of Le Locle


The museum shows temporary and permanent exhibitions:
• Times of Time: comprehension and measurement of time
• Times of the Watch: technical evolution of watches from the Renaissance to our day
• Maurice Yves Sandoz: watches, jewelry, automatons and literary works of Sandoz
• Henri Jeanmaire: clocks and pieces of furniture
• Frédéric Savoye: Swiss and French clocks
• Alfred Huguenin: Neuchâtel clocks


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