Administrative and Institutional History

Federal Archives of historic monuments (FAHM)


The EAD collections focus mainly on documentation of government-backed measures in the areas of the preservation of historical monuments , the protection of historical sites, and archaeology. The EAD holds documents from the Federal Commission for Monument Preservation (EKD), the Cultural Heritage and Historical Monuments section of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), federal experts, and key people or institutions active in this area.



The UNHCR-Archives collect the documents of the previous organisations, like the International Organisation of Refugees, the UNRRA and the Nansen-Office, as well as documents of the UNHCR since its foundation, coming from the postal service, the head office and the agencies all over the world.

The archives offer unique sources of information about the past of the UNHCR, for example, about the repatriation operations, the development of the principles of the UNHCR and their realisation, the development of the refugee's politics.

Library and Research Service of the ICRC - Books

The Library & Research Service of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) contains books, in a number of languages, on international humanitarian law and related subjects such as public international law, disarmament, human rights, terrorism, refugees and political prisoners. Also covered are the history and development of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and questions relating to humanitarian assistance in general.

Researches in the books and in the periodical articles
are possible by an online catalogue.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - Library and Research Service


The Library and Research Service is a public resource offering documents on international humanitarian law, humanitarian work and ICRC activities.

International Commitee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - Archives


The ICRC Archives collects, preserves and makes available for research ICRC documents dating from the organization's inception to the present day. The ICRC's historical archives comprise 6,700 linear metres of textual records and a collection of photographs, films and other audiovisual material .

The historical archives cover:

Law Sources Foundation of the Swiss Lawyers Society


The Swiss Lawyers Society edits a collection of law sources which had been created on Swiss territory up to 1798, the Collection of Swiss Law Sources. The Collection contains material from the early middle ages until early modern times (1798). Over 100 volumes, or more than 60'000 pages of source material and comments from all language regions of Switzerland have been published so far. The volumes are online available.

The PTT History Archive and Library (PTT Archive)


The PTT History Archive and Library (PTT Archive) houses the records of the Swiss PTT from 1849 to 1997 – some 4,500 lineal meters of original documents from the founding of the federal postal system in 1849 to its privatization and division into Swiss Post and Swisscom AG at the end of 1997. A few of the items stored in the archive predate 1849. The library devoted to PTT history comprises some 2,000 lineal meters of books, leaflets and periodicals.

Swiss National Library (NL) - Digitized pictures

The Swiss National Library (NL) has digitized many pictures from the collections of its Prints and Drawings Department and Swiss Literary Archives and makes them available in its online database HelveticArchives.

The images can be search easily thanks to the Search function (Field search can be limited to «Images available online») und the Image overview function.

The images come from several collections, among which:

  • Postcard photographs of landscapes and localities from various cantons, from the collections of the Print and Drawings Departement (classification GS-AK-ANSI-CH)
  • the Federal Archives of Historical Monuments' photographic collection, for instance postcards from the publisher Photoglob-Wehrli (EAD-PHAL) or photographs from the Rudolf Zinggeler archives (EAD-ZING)
  • photographs made by Swiss writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach (SLA-Schwarzenbach: A-5 Fotoordner, E-5 Fotoportraits)
  • graphical works (drawings and paintings) of writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (SLA-FD-A-Bi)

Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) - PARLINE: Database on national parliaments

PARLINE is the Inter-parliamentary Union's (IPU) database on national parliaments.

This database contains information on the structure and working methods of 266 parliamentary chambers in all of the 190 countries where a national legislature exists.

Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU)


IPU maintains two databases: PARLINE - the Union's database of information on national parliaments and the specialized bibliographic database "Women in Politics".


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