Woman and Gender History

Urkunden und Akten des Klosters und des Oberamts Königsfelden (1308-1662)

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Historisches Seminar der Universität Zürich
Staatsarchiv des Kantons Aargau

Quellenedition 1900-1930

Historischer Verein für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Swiss Society for Gender Studies


The Swiss Society for Gender Studies is a scholarly association. It aims to be an information and communication platform for Gender Studies and Gender Equality within Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences.

The activities oft the Swiss Society for Gender Studies comprehend:

Gosteli-Foundation - Archive on the history of women in Switzerland


The Gosteli Foundations holds many sources for the history of women, particularly the archives of women’s organisations and unions (AllianceF, historically the Union of Swiss Women’s Societies; SV-Service; Frauenbefreiungsbewegung FBB), private archives of female individuals and biographical notes.

Together, these records document the manifold activities of Swiss women since the late 19th century.

The archives also include:

Library and archives of the World Council of Churches (WCC)


The WCC libraries contain works concerning ecumenism, ecclesiology, mission studies, church history, interfaith dialogue, human rights etc. It also contains a collection of 1200 Journals (list of current periodicals). The library catalogue is a part of the Geneva RERO catalogue.

Inter-Parliamentary Union - Women in Politics

The bibliographic database "Women in Politics" provides access to independent, as well as dependent literature, legal texts, periodicals, images etc. on the subject of "women's participation in political life" and can be queried via a differentiated search mask.

The database is updated regularly and new books and articles, which appear worldwide with regard to the women in the politics, are considered.

In addition comparative data on the percentage of women in each National Parliament as well as data concerning the two regional parliamentary assemblies elected by direct suffrage can be found on the website Women in National Parlaments.

lectio difficilior - European Electronic Journal for Feminist Exegesis

Lectio difficilior is a European refereed journal for feminist exegesis, hermeneutics and related disciplines (classical philology, archeology, egyptology, studies of the ancient Near Middle East, ancient history, history of art, social sciences, psychology, e.a.).

It appears twice a year in Bern as electronic journal and is accessible online without restrictions or costs. lectio difficilior is a referred journal. Articles are published in German, English or French.

Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU)


IPU maintains two databases: PARLINE - the Union's database of information on national parliaments and the specialized bibliographic database "Women in Politics".

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