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History of International Organizations Network HION

This platform aims at facilitating the exchange of information between researchers, archivists and other people interested by the work on the history of international organizations.
Upon registration, the platform gives access to the latest news, information about upcoming events, publications, and more.

Parallel History Project on Cooperative Security (PHP)


The website acts as a center for an international network for the research concerning the military and security policy. It provides access to references, events and resources on the following fields:

International Relations and Security Network (ISN)


The ISN maintains an extensive digital library. The publications and audiovisual recordings available online can be searched by a search engine or through subject and geographical categories.

World Trade Organization - Library and Archives


The Library of the World Trade Organization specializes in economics, statistical and legal materials related to international trade. The Library holds monographs, periodicals, and current yearbooks. In addition, the Library is home to the GATT Archives.

Geneva Jewish Library "Gérard Nordmann"


The Geneva Jewish Library contains more than 30'000 volumes. It houses a part (about 1000 volumes) of the collections of the library of the rabbi's seminar of Wroclaw which was destroyed by the Nazis. It also owns a 1613 manuscript of David Gans, the Sefer Nehmad ve-naïm, from Prague.

The library covers the following areas: Judaism, Israel, religion, history, languages, literature.

In addition to its monographs, the library provides periodicals, audio documents and some specifics inventories:

Alliance Sud - Documentation and Resource Centre


The Alliance Sud maintains publicly accessible documentation centres in Bern and Lausanne. They are directed at everybody dealing with North- South relations and developing countries.

International Labour Office (ILO) - Oral History Project

The International Labour Office (ILO) leads a bank of oral histories, drawing on the knowledge and memories of former ILO staff and constituents on the ILO and its work. Key figures who worked with/for the ILO will be interviewed and the outcomes transcribed and made available in a central data base.

International Labour Office (ILO) - Historical Archives


The Historical Archives contains the following collections:

  • pre-war and wartime files (1919-1947)
  • post-war files (1948-1978)
  • records of the International Labour Office (Basel, 1890-1919)
  • photographic and audiovisual collections
  • special collections

The special collections include the ILO Directors and Directors-General Archives as well as private papers.

Archive of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)


The record groups consist largely of various types of correspondence, internal communication and reports. Important collections include files on:


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