History of International Relations, Foreign Policy and International Public Law

Swiss National Museum - Online collection

The online collection is a presentation platform of the collections of the Swiss National Museum.

Descriptions of the collection areas as well as images of numerous collection highlights and additional collection objects are available online.

Quellenedition 1928-1950

Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

Landtagsprotokolle 1862 - 1949

Amt für Kultur - Landesarchiv

1914-1918 Prisoners of the First World War - ICRC Historical Archives

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) makes archives regarding prisoners of the First World War available online. The belligerent countries provided lists of prisoners to the ICRC which created an index card for each prisoner. These cards can be searched online.
In addition to that, reports about the life in internment camps can be found online.

Geneva Centre for education and research in humanitarian action (CERAH)


CERAH is the humanitarian platform in Geneva’s academic environment, offering a variety of training and diplomas and conducting multi-disciplinary research on topics of humanitarian action.

History of International Organizations Network HION

This platform aims at facilitating the exchange of information between researchers, archivists and other people interested by the work on the history of international organizations.
Upon registration, the platform gives access to the latest news, information about upcoming events, publications, and more.

swisspeace - Archives and Dealing with the Past


The project Archives and Dealing with the Past provides support to actors in the field of transitional justice and dealing with the past related to the protection, preservation and management of human rights archives.

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS) - Quaderni di Dodis

The «Quaderni di Dodis» are an academic series in which papers,
monographs or essays as well as sources and other materials are digitally published.

This series will cover research results which were in one way or another initiated by the DDS research centre: this may cover publications of international conferences, colloquia or workshops for researchers. The «Quaderni di Dodis» intend to widen publication possibilities in the fields of contemporary history and foreign policy and to offer an attractive and easy way to publish for young academics.

The «Quaderni di Dodis» were conceived as an e-Book and are committed to the open access principle.

Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland – Second World War (ICE) - Final Report

The mission of the "Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland – Second World War" (ICE) was to investigate the volume and fate of assets moved to Switzerland before, during and immediately after the Second World War.

The Final Report and a summary of the Final Report are online available.


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