Identity, Representations and External Perceptions

Swiss National Museum - Online collection

The online collection is a presentation platform of the collections of the Swiss National Museum.

Descriptions of the collection areas as well as images of numerous collection highlights and additional collection objects are available online.

Swiss Heritage Society


The Swiss Heritage Society is dedicated to the advancement of Switzerland’s architectural heritage. Its focus is on the preservation of important landmarks, the development of the structural environment, and the promotion of good architectural design.

Ballenberg - Swiss Open-Air Museum


The Swiss Opem-Air Museum Ballenberg presents typical Buildings homes and hamlets from virtually every part of Switzerland with authentic kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms from centuries past. About 100 rural houses and farm buildings provide architectural as well as socio-historical testimony to the everyday life and rural culture of the past. The farmsteads and houses are surrounded by gardens and fields set up according to historical models.

Castle of Prangins


Besides temporary exhibitions, the Castle of Prangins shows also two permanent exhibitions:

Swiss National Museum


The permanent exhibitions present Swiss cultural history from its beginnings to the present, and give an insight into Swiss identity and the rich tapestry of Swiss history and culture. Temporary exhibitions on current topics add to the experience.

National Museum Zurich


In addition to special exhibitions, the National Museum Zurich presents permanent exhibitions concerning the following thematic areas:

Polish Museum in Rapperswil


The Museum of the Polish culture and history occupies the second floor of the castle in Rapperswil and reflects the changeable history of the institution. It certifies centuries old history of the Polish - Swiss relations, the activities of the Swiss in Poland and the Polish in Switzerland. It shows the Polish traditions, the history of fights for independence and faith, the history of the "Solidarity" movement and winning the independence back in 1989. A special place in the Museum´s collection belongs to the Second Rifle Division, interned in Switzerland.

Library and archives of the World Council of Churches (WCC) - Online archives catalog

The database faciliates online researches in the holdings of the World Council of Churches archives.

eikones - NCCR Iconic Criticism. The Power and Meaning of Images

The central questions of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Iconic criticism. The Power and Meaning of images" which all partial projects connect are: How do pictures generate meaning – in the sciences, in everyday life, in the arts? What does influence them and how do they exert influence? Where is their very own, unreplaceable power?

Attempts to the clarification of these open questions come from the humanities as well as from the natural and technological sciences. The NCCR attempts to build bridges between the disciplines, within the leading university of Basel, as well as between different Swiss and international universities, institutions of higher education, research institutes, museums and collections. The website informs about the objectives, the individual modules, as well as the team of the scientists involved. Moreover, the website offers publication lists and a calendar of events.



The museum contains the most comprehensive collection of historical and artistic documents, accounts and miscellanea spanning six centuries relating to the Swiss patriot William Tell.


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