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Abegg Foundation


The Abegg Foundation collects and undertakes research into historic textiles from the early days to around 1800, primarily regarding pieces from the European and Mediterranean areas. The textile wall hangings of late antiquity, pieces from the European Middle Ages and the testimonies of the Silk Road from the early Middle Ages are of major international importance.

Every Year the Museum organises a special exhibition about the textile art.

Polish Museum in Rapperswil


The Museum of the Polish culture and history occupies the second floor of the castle in Rapperswil and reflects the changeable history of the institution. It certifies centuries old history of the Polish - Swiss relations, the activities of the Swiss in Poland and the Polish in Switzerland. It shows the Polish traditions, the history of fights for independence and faith, the history of the "Solidarity" movement and winning the independence back in 1989. A special place in the Museum´s collection belongs to the Second Rifle Division, interned in Switzerland.

Castle of Gruyères


The tour of the castle offers a walk through eight centuries of architecture, history and culture: castle area, historical collection, paintings and special exhibitions.

Castle of Chillon


The halls and rooms show the history of the castle: underground (13th c.), halls and courtyards, chambre bernoise, Camera Domini (Duke of Savoy, 14th c.), chapel (14th c.), defenses (watchtowers, sentry walk, moat and turrets), Peter II of Savoy Room and Weapons room.

The castel presents some exhibitions too.

Bernisches Historisches Museum


The Bernisches Historisches Museum is one of the most important Museums of cultural history in Switzerland. Its collections of archaeology, cultural history and ethnography include approximately 500,000 objects dating from the Stone Age to the present and representing cultures from all over the world. The hydria from Grächwil, the Burgundian tapestries, the diptych from Königsfelden and a series of ethnographical objects as well as coins and medals are all internationally renowned.

Napoleon Museum Thurgau


The Napoleon Museum presents the original estate of the imperial family (pictures of Arenenberg Palace). The Collection in memory of the family Bonaparte includes objects of housing tradition of the first and the second French empire, furniture and historical objects of Napoleon I., Hortense, Napoleon III and the empress Eugénie.

The Schlosspark Arenenberg belongs to the museum.

Gosteli-Foundation - Archive on the history of women in Switzerland


The Gosteli Foundations holds many sources for the history of women, particularly the archives of women’s organisations and unions (AllianceF, historically the Union of Swiss Women’s Societies; SV-Service; Frauenbefreiungsbewegung FBB), private archives of female individuals and biographical notes.

Together, these records document the manifold activities of Swiss women since the late 19th century.

The archives also include:

Geneva Jewish Library - On-line Catalogue

The On-line catalogue allows researches in the holdings of the Geneva Jewish Library "Gérard Nordmann".

Geneva Jewish Library "Gérard Nordmann"


The Geneva Jewish Library contains more than 30'000 volumes. It houses a part (about 1000 volumes) of the collections of the library of the rabbi's seminar of Wroclaw which was destroyed by the Nazis. It also owns a 1613 manuscript of David Gans, the Sefer Nehmad ve-naïm, from Prague.

The library covers the following areas: Judaism, Israel, religion, history, languages, literature.

In addition to its monographs, the library provides periodicals, audio documents and some specifics inventories:

Werner Oechslin Library Foundation


The Werner Oechslin Library in Einsiedeln is a reference library that assembles source texts on architectural theory and related areas in original editions extending from the 15th to the 20th century.


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