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History of ITU Portal

The History of ITU Portal provides access to International Telecommunications Union (ITU)'s history with facts, figures, lists, dates, and a growing selection of digitized documents.​​​

Museum of Communication Library/PTT Archive


The Museum of Communication Library/PTT Archive comprises three libraries: the Historical PTT Library at the PTT Archive, the Philately Library and the Reference Library at the Museum of Communication. They provide publications, complements to the archival collections, specialist literature on the areas covered by the permanent collections and stamps and auction catalogues.

Historical Archives of the (Swiss) PTT - Database scopeArchiv

Les documents des Archives des PTT figurent dans la banque de données accessible en ligne. La base permet de naviguer dans le plan de classement ou d'effectuer une recherche plein texte, une recherche dans un champ ou une recherche de descripteurs.
The documents of the historical Archives of the PTT are included in the database available online. The base is used to navigate in the classification plan or to search with a full text search tool, a search field tool or descriptors search tool.

Swiss digitized newspapers

The Swiss digitized newspapers are a search instrument for the digitized Swiss press.

Swiss newspapers which were digitized by the Swiss national library and its cantonal partners can be searched through this portal.

Kinema (1911-1919)

Kinema (1911-1919) is the first Swiss cinema magazine. Most of the issues of Kinema are held in the Swiss National Library's collection. They are accessible online on E-Periodica.

It was published once a week and represented the interests of cinema managers and film distributers. It contains discussions on cinematography, the defense of cinema against its critics, positions on the measures taken by the authorities such as the closure of cinemas following the influenza epidemic of 1918.

House of Elsewhere


The House of Elsewhere is a museum dedicated to science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys.

Every year the House presents in two or three exhibitions parts of its collection with about 70'000 objects. It also presents expositions outdoors.


Swiss Museum of Transport


The Museum of Transport contains objects pertinent to rail transport, road transport, navigation, cableways, aviation.

Museum of Communication


The museum presents temporary exhibitions and also a permanent exhibition:

Lifelong communication: The Museum of Communication in Bern has always centred on communication in its various facets. The extensive collections of the museum, from the stagecoach to the first Swiss computer to future means of communication cannot be seen in isolation but recount stories of developments, breakdowns and visions of the future.

Swiss Museum of Transport - Collection online

The Swiss Museum of Transport presents parts of its collections in an online database.

Swiss Museum of Transport - Documentation centre


The documents are grouped into various themes such as rail transport, aviation, space travel, road transport, navigation and tourism. The archive contents deal primarily with the topic of transport and mobility in Switzerland and its surrounding area. They also document the transport operators, their technical development, manufacturers as well as operators and their direct impact on the environment.


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