Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN)


The building designed by Mario Botta encompasses Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s home, making the latter an integral part of the Centre Dürrenmatt inaugurated in 2000. The CDN exists in order to bring together, preserve and promote Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s artistic oeuvre. (More informations about the history of the center, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Mario Botta


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    The CDN presents a permanent exhibition devoted to Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s artistic oeuvre. Regularly, it mounts temporary exhibitions that tie in with the subjects that interested him as a writer and artist and organises colloquiums, roundtable discussions, lectures, encounters and other events.

    Some pictures and informations about the life and the oeuvre of Friedrich Dürrenmatt can be found on the website. The CDN also houses the personal library of Dürrenmatt. Theinventory of the pictures is available online.

    Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s voluminous literary estate has been entrusted to the Swiss Literary Archives in Bern, (Friedrich Dürrenmatt's estate (1940-1990) on HelveticArchives).

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